Canada’s “Anti-Terrorism” Bill C-51 Will End Free Speech and Civil Rights

If the new ”Anti-Terrorism Act”, Bill C-51 becomes law in Canada, anyone who speaks out about anything the Government does, or displeases the Government in any way, may find themselves with their lives disrupted or destroyed up to facing 5 years in jail. C-51 allows arrest on mere suspicion and proposes to jail people who by speaking, writing, recording, gesturing or, through other visible representations, knowingly advocate or promote the commission of ”terrorism offences in general.” C-51 will transform CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) into a totalitarian secret police force.

Don’t Try Bringing Sweden and Finland into NATO

We have a very good idea what Moscow thinks of NATO expansion along its borders, and by now we should understand very well the lengths to which Russia will go to keep its other neighbors out of what it considers to be a hostile military alliance. Putting Sweden and Finland on a path to NATO membership would put these countries on a collision course with Russia, and when push comes to shove the U.S. and its allies aren’t going to fight for countries that they were content to leave outside of their alliance system during the Cold War.

Why Finland and Sweden Should Not Join NATO

Joining NATO would allow Sweden and Finland to engage in the organization’s decision-making process, the benefits of such a move would largely be minimal. The costs, on the other hand, would be huge—just as were the costs of the West’s blind embrace of Ukraine before the Maidan Revolution. Sergei Markov, a high-level advisor to Putin, has been quoted as saying that an enlargement of NATO to include Finland and Sweden could trigger World War III: ”anti-semitism started World War II, Russophobia could start the third.” The West has nothing to gain by making Sweden and Finland officially part of NATO when the alliance already benefits from military coordination with these countries. What is worse is that the Kremlin knows this and will see such a move as antagonistic.

Nordic Countries Sign Defence Cooperation Agreement Aimed at Russia

The agreement was announced in a joint statement published in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten by the defence ministers of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and Iceland’s foreign minister. The statement opened by repeating the propaganda of the US and its imperialist allies that Russian aggression triggered the Ukraine crisis. The reality is that, with the full backing of US imperialism, the Nordic countries are committing themselves to transforming the region into yet another area of potential conflict with Moscow.

Toimittajat myöntävät: Tiedustelupalvelut, lobbaajat ja mainostajat sanelevat valtamedian sisällön

Telegraph –lehden johtava politiikan kommentaattori Peter Oborne erosi tehtävästään, koska HSBC –pankin rahanpesua ei saanut käsitellä. The Guardian –lehden toimittaja David Cronin ei saanut kirjoittaa pro-Israel –lobbaajien toiminnasta Brysselissä, vaikka saman aikaisesti lehti julkaisi aktiivisesti Siionistien rasistisia kannanottoja. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungin entinen toimitussihteeri Udo Ulfkotte julkaisi uransa aikana CIA:n valmiiksi kirjoittamia uutisartikkeleita omalla nimellään. Samoin toimi Ranskan suurimmille lehdille ja Radio Canadalle työskennellyt tunnettu toimittaja Roger Auque, joka oli Israelin salaisen palvelun palkkaama. Suomen ulkoministeriö yritti vaientaa muun muassa YLE:ssä työskennelleen uutistoimittaja Jaana Kiven.