Nuclear Industry Insider: Destruction of the Biosphere Postponed by ”Chemtrailing”

Everything which goes up, doesn´t come down…by itself.

By Mikael Kallio /

Arto Lauri, a former nuclear power plant engineer from Olkiluoto (Finland), tells me how all nuclear reactors around the world leak and emit radioactive plutonium, all the time and lot more than informed. This radiation ascends to the atmosphere, creating highly ionized plasma concentrations which move along the winds. The military satellites detect these ionized concentrations instantly and before the plasma scatters widespread, you will have the so-called chemtrail -planes crisscrossing or circulating over the ionized area.

So what´s the connection here with the leaked ionized gas and chemtrails? The short answer goes something like this: over the decades the ionization of our atmosphere has cumulatively increased due to nuclear detonation tests and nuclear power plants, which leak, have melted down or have exploded. If this ionization will reach its critical mass, it might set off an unstoppable planetary chain reaction which will scorch the earth´s atmosphere completely.

In order to evade it, the radiating plasma must be brought down fast. This is done by means of military aircrafts, which spray nanosized (or bigger) heavymetal and fiber particulates right above the ionized concentrations. These particulates bind with the plasma, absorb the ionization itself and fall down to the ground.

The governments of course (usually) don´t want this fallout to the populated city areas where it could be detected. Not primarily because it´s extremely toxic (and potential to cause blackouts), but because it would be bad publicity for the ”clean and green” nuclear power industry. Therefore the ionized fallout has to be steered elsewhere.

This is accomplished by using HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) –technology, which is nowadays a worldwide network (more about HAARP here, here, here and here).

By utilizing several HAARP –”stations” the ionized fallout will be ”squeezed” in to more controllable form, which can be then steered to the uninhabited areas and let it drop down.

Would you believe it? Actually and surprisingly it isn´t as far-fetched as it might sound. Further on, we´ll come back to this subject more in detail, but first: welcome to the mysterious world of Arto Lauri.

ArtoLauri, a Finnish anti-nuclear power activist.

Meet Arto Lauri – The greatest threat to the nuclear industry

Arto Lauri (59) lives in Eurajoki, which is at the west coast of Finland. He is an electrical engineer who worked in the Finnish nuclear power plants of Olkiluoto more than 20 years. He started his post in 1977 and at first his responsibility was the maintenance of the electrical nuclear safety installations. But as his unique talents got noticed, he got promoted.

What makes him special is the fact that he has had an A1 security classification granted by the TVO – Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (Finnish nuclear power supplier) and Finland´s Ministry of the Interior. Apparently the A1 security classification is the highest security rank in nuclear industry.

He dealt with such highly sensitive information which his director wasn´t even allowed to access. Lauri was directly accountable under SUPO (Finland´s secret police) and the Ministry of the Interior. Altogether he has got nearly 30 years of hands-on experience of being in the nuclear industry´s inner circle.

The nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto (Finland).

Eventually his uniquely comprehensive understanding about the nuclear physics was noticed by his employer and they got worried. For several weeks CIA (yes, the US’s Central Intelligence Agency) interrogated everyone at the power plants to find out who leaked the top secret informations to Lauri.

The result was that he got fired. But not just him. In fact, after intense risk analysis period, over 300 Olkiluoto´s employees were fired altogether. All due to concern and obscurity of how this one engineer could hold the knowledge which is strictly limited to the experts of nuclear weapons programs. But as he points out, ”TVO (the employer) wasn´t behind it. The pressure came from abroad.”

The official excuse was that he had mental problems, but there is no medical certificate to prove it. As a matter of fact, the psychological tests conducted by his employer proved his profile to be top of the line (why else had he been granted with A1 security classification?) The real reason, he says, was that frankly he knew too much and he couldn´t be bought. Before the dismissal he was offered a huge amount of money which he refused to accept and that was a final straw.

Sadly the dismissal wasn´t enough. The powers that be surrounded him. Since the dismissal he has not been able to find hardly any new job of his expertise, he can´t get any social security benefits, unemployment benefits or disability pension, which he obviously should be entitled to under the Finnish law. All his friends (those who have survived the radiation) were threatened not to be seen with him and his lawyer did not dare to help him. Basically he lost his human rights.

At Arto Lauri´s ”homelab.”

So the guy end up having nothing, but he also end up having nothing to lose. Hence, he became a whistleblower, a big time. As I would like to put it; the worst nightmare of Finland´s nuclear power industry.

A celebrity non grata

Today Arto Lauri is known as the most famous unknown critic of the atomic energy in Finland. He has been featured in two Finnish documentaries; Olkiluodosta Ikuisuuteen (2009) (by YLE – The Finnish Broadcasting Company) and; Return of the Atom/Atomin Paluu (2015) (by Cilla Werning/Kinotar Oy, Meike Martens/Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH) which was awarded the best Nordic film prize at the CPH: DOX festival (Copenhagen) in late 2015.

Lauri is active in social media and chat forums, and has his own regularly updated YouTube channel. His videos are known for his little experiments and demonstrations on how the physics works.

Unfortunately his english isn´t his best merits. Due to language barrier the international audience has unfortunately missed some of the best stuff and some YouTubers have done their best to translate some of his videos. Fortunately the international audience has been forgiving, understanding and inquisitive.

And why wouldn´t they be? The guy is gentle, polite, supportive and with sense of humor (a little weird humor though, but that´s quite ordinary among the extraordinary personalities, wouldn´t you say?). But most importantly, he is intelligent and bright. So it´s no wonder why his vlogs are quite popular. Arto Lauri is a man of million stories and as ”an insider” he gets to talk to scientists and other persons of high knowledge, who would not dare to speak publicly. So they leak information via Lauri.

And I guess it goes without saying, that the controlled mainstream presstitute media avoids him like a plague. Which actually is making him even more interesting case. Whenever the media is completely omitting or frantically attacking on someone (say, US president Donald Trump) or something, you know there has to be something to it. You know that both are defence reactions towards what the establishment considers to be a threat.

The nuclear power industry is behind the increasing global water shortage

Lauri´s ”homelab” is full of equipments.

Among the so many things Arto Lauri has argued how the nuclear power industry is actually much more serious threat to the world´s environment and biosphere than a full scale nuclear war. Every nuclear power plant leaks continuously toxic plutonium to the air through ”radiation erosion.” He also criticizes there is absolutely no secure way to store the nuclear waste and there is no way to stop the plutonium from contaminating the world´s surface- and groundwater.

An ordinary nuclear power reactor of 1000 megawatts damages fresh groundwater 1800 liter per second, 24/7. He says that´s equal to amount of drinking water of million people and that at this moment all the world´s operating (approx.) 420 reactors utilizes fresh water as much as all the nations of Europe altogether.

But it´s not just the reactors. For example, the uranium mines of Australia are the greatest consumers of fresh water in the whole southern hemisphere. That´s why the whole continent of Australia is gradually draining. In most parts of the world there aren´t fresh water anymore for human consumption. The water is produced out of seawater by means of nuclear power!

It´s hard to keep up with this guy. He is like a walking and talking ”Google AI-android.” But I´ll do my best, and you should too by reading this article through. I promise you won´t get bored. He continues.

– For example, let´s look at the power plant like Olkiluoto 3 which output is 1600 megawatts. According to nuclear safety act by IAEA, there must be a hydroelectric power plant beside the nuclear power plant, which generates 10% (160 MW) of the nuclear power plant´s energy output in case of the shut down. If the reactor is only 30 seconds without reserve power for cooling pumps, it will explode.

This means, that if the total output of all operating nuclear power plants of Finland is 2752 megawatts (Wikipedia), the total power output of all hydroelectric power plants together (along with the fresh water) is being wasted to upkeep the country´s nuclear power plants.

– Which is barely enough. This was the reason why Olkiluoto 4 project was ultimately cancelled (in 2014). There just isn´t hydroelectric power enough (in Finland) to support nuclear power.

The official pretext was the long delay of the OL 3rd reactor and the unsatisfactory assurances by TVO that the 4th unit would ever be built.

The common perception that nuclear industry also would like us to believe is that as a ”carbon dioxide free source of energy” nuclear power is supposed to be ”cleaner.” This is based on deception, because the necessity and need of fossil fuels for the production of the raw materials in uranium mines are completely ommitted. This procedure is not by mistake, but by a law.

HAARP station in Alaska.

The nuclear power industry is a dirty sleight of hand

Arto Lauri has revealed also how nuclear power produces in reality a negative energy yield. The true reason for the existence of the nuclear power industry is it produces fuel (plutonium) primarily in support of nuclear weapons. Not mainly to manufacture new ones, but rather to maintain the existing ones since the warhead´s plutonium becomes unstable within only few years.

Due to politics and uranium shortage all the nuclear power plants today reuse this extremely unstable recycled leftover (plutonium from the nuclear weapons) as a fuel for energy, which is very dangerous. It is actually 1000 times more hazardous and 2,5 times more expensive (than uranium).

Like the nuclear power plants generally are, Fukushima´s old reactors were built to use uranium, not recycled plutonium (which they did use), and this was actually what triggered the disastrous chain reaction in Fukushima. The attempt to control it, caused the earthquake (many sources validates the HAARP frequencies beamed at specific targets can generate catastrophic earthquakes), which in turn caused the tsunami. Hence, the tsunami was not the cause, but rather an effect.

A satellite image of chemtrails over europe.

He preaches how the entire nuclear power business is absolutely corrupt, greedy and totally in the hands of criminals. This global mafia in concert with the military (of west and east) is willing to do anything in order to stay as the incontrovertible number one alternative for energy production in the world (which in reality it isn´t).

The world´s plutonium business and material logistics are devided between United States of America (30%) and Russia (70%). All the european nuclear power plants are operating under Russian control. So in a sense, the cold war between east and west is an illusion.

There´s so much more than one article can handle. He talks about clandestine uranium deals and claims that European Union has a law in place which strictly forbids any police investigations of corruption if it involves nuclear industry. The law was passed at the time when an investigation on Siemens´ shady business dealings in regards to Olkiluoto 3 project was demanded in Brussels.

”The Nuclear Safety Act is a multinational law which overrules the constitution of Finland”, he adds and continues:

– In Olkiluoto, we had these all-in-black SUPO-commandos carrying assault rifles visiting the power plant regularly. They told to my superior that they answer to no one what they do at the ”nuclear safety zones” (which they themselves declare). Not even to president. They have a licence to kill anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Above the law of the land.

For a long time Lauri has been under continual harassment by SUPO (the Finland´s security police), by CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency) and by Russian ”nuclear industry mafia,” which according to him actually runs the Finland´s nuclear power industry. He has had military helicopters over his house, the pilots showing a ”cut-throat hand signs”, several visits by police and few times even commandos with assault rifles have raided his home.

To an ordinary citizen all this sounds rather something out of a fictional movie, but the nuclear power industry is part of the national (and international) security, so why wouldn´t at least some part of all this be possible? I am no physicist and unfortunately it is difficult to vouch everything he says and it is quite hard to find information online to back up some of his claims in regards to nuclear industry etc. Nevertheless he deserves to be heard with an open mind (besides, I have to admit that some odd occurrences took place when published Lauri´s first interview podcast a year ago). If not anything else, you have to at least admit his stories are absolutely exciting and fascinating.

The big picture

A satellite image of artificially generated pressure wave. Presumably HAARP in action.

Listening to him makes you wish you were a physicist. If this guy would have been my teacher in physics back in the school days, I definitely would have paid more attention.

Arto Lauri tells how he knows whole bunch of professors and has taught some Swedish professor of quantum nuclear physics what in reality happens when uranium atom splits. By American military standards, when uranium atom splits, it releases two and half neutrons. However Lauri has found an old mathematical formula, which clearly proves that actually it releases 24 neutrons. This in turn proves that the neutron leakage outside a nuclear reactor is tenfold in contrast to the official version and what is being taught in universities. The Swedish professor was astounded and could not deny Lauri´s calculations, but said he dear not to touch it. Sadly Lauri received the same response at the University of Helsinki. The change of the prevailing paradigm and dogma of nuclear physics is a no go because it is a military property.

He says he can challenge any physicist alive when it comes to nuclear physics. I guess that´s why he is such a ”public secret” that no authority dares not to openly confront.

Besides his formal education and professional background as an electrical engineer, he is a self-educated physicist who just got too deep in the forbidden knowledge. Like every sector in our modern society, the nuclear industry and its field of research is strictly compartmentalized. Not one sector, one engineer nor researcher sees and understands the whole picture. That´s how secrets are being secured.

US military to own the global weather by 2025?

During his time at Olkiluoto´s nuclear power plants and since then Arto Lauri was, and still is, eager to understand the big picture and apparently, that´s why he got in trouble and is considered as a ”security threat.” Over the time of ten years he was able to piece all the necessary information together.

When he was still working at Olkiluoto, he used to chat frequently with many engineers, technicians and professors in order to learn more. He also started searching, collecting and reading books about the nuclear physics. However, he didn´t want to study the latest publications. No, he went right back to the original sources, harnessing books from 40´s, 30´s, 20´s…even from early 1900´s and beyond. After a while he discovered that all the books about nuclear physics which were published after 1954 were actually full of misleading disinfomation.

Another realisation was that the modern nuclear physicists had really no idea at all, what the genius German physicists had written about the fundamentals of quantum physics in between the two world wars. Every physicist he talked to simply did not understand any of the terminology, mathematical formulas or units of measure he introduced. No one had not even heard about them. It was clear that all the original knowledge about nuclear physics was long time lost, even the real history behind it.

– Just think, I have a book which is published in 1908. It tells, for example, how to calculate the right amount of kilos of radioactive substance required in order to make a train or a ship to run 2-3 years incessantly for a given output. The people have a (wrong) perception that the atom bomb was invented not until in 1940´s and that no nuclear power plants exsisted before that time either. When the fact is, there were several operating nuclear power plants in USA already back in 1930´s.

Edward Teller – ”father of the hydrogen bomb.”

The true reason why the nuclear detonation tests were banned

But hey, in the beginning of this article, did I say something about preventing the whole atmosphere from burning and that this threat is primarly due to leaking nuclear power plants which increase the ionization of the atmosphere? Yes. Actually it has been documented and reported this was a great concern before (and afterwards) the first atomic bomb test was executed.

In 1942, based on his calculations ”the father of the hydrogen bomb” Edward Teller along with other physicist of the super secret Manhattan Project feared at the time that a fission bomb they were building might incinerate the planet.

According to Lauri, back then (in 1940´s) it was calculated that there was as much as 70% probability for the uncontrollable chain reaction to occur in the atmosphere when detonating atom bomb up in the air (or down in the ocean). As the nuclear explosion tests continued and number of nuclear power plants around the world increased, so did the buildup of the amount of Pu-239 (plutonium) ionization up in the atmosphere. Hence the risk and probability for the atmospheric catastrophe increased as well.

However, in 70´s the theory of the atmospheric nitrogen combustion has been debunked by other scientist and the subject still seems to be controversial. Granted that due to extreme graveness and secrecy surrounding the issue, one can expect to find plenty of deliberate disinformation as well.

The radiation builds up in the atmosphere cumulatively.

The official argument for the nuclear detonation test bans have mainly been the concern of the radioactive fallouts polluting the environment. But I can´t help myself from guessing that in reality at least part of the reasons why all the nuclear tests were relocated underground only in 1962 and eventually banned entirely was the fear of atmospheric nitrogen combustion. Even North Korea has reportedly executed only underground nuclear explosion tests, not up in the air, which indicates that even the rogue dictators of the world are made fully aware of this concern.

Lauri paints me a grim picture about the atmospheric nitrogen combustion more in detail.

– If we would fill up the atmosphere with hydrogen gas and detonate it, the instant temperature would be so high that all the existing bacteria would die even at the depth of 2 kilometers of solid bedrock. The earth´s ”nitrogen sphere” would completely pulverize and fall down to the ground as nitrogen tetroxide (which is actually used as a rocket fuel). Everything would be over in the matter of seconds.

Every time he goes more in detail with the physics it all starts to slip over my head, but I do my best to follow and to translate.

He tells me how Albert Einstein stated how the ionization radicalizes the nitrogen sphere. Normally the (atmospheric) nitrogen does not ignite and burn, however the radiation causes the nitrogen to become a ”plus-plus ion”, which in turn makes it a ”super-radical.” He explains me how the nitrogen somehow fuses or merges with oxygen.

– If the radiation levels of the nitrogen sphere gets high enough, it will transmute in to nitrogen tetroxide and ingnites. This critical point is now been averted by ”chemtrailing” the sky.

So if Lauri is in fact correct, perhaps now we might have the explanation to the common argument; ”why would they spray on us, when the negative health impacts would be on those who are behind the chemtrail program as well?” As long as we have the nuclear industry, they have no choice but to keep on spraying the skies in order to protect the atmosphere from the complete destruction.

The occurrence of small scale plasma burns: The Hessdalen lights

Apparently we already have experienced local phenomenons of nitrogen combustion of a small scale. According to Arto Lauri the famous Hessdalen lights in rural central Norway are balls of burning nitrogen plasma. The Great Britain and France have been dumping for a long time the radioactive waste in maritime areas of the Gulf Stream. The warm air mass lifts the ionized gas up in the air and then it will travel and concentrate down at the fiords of Norway.

Apparently the same ionized gases are usually the cause for the sudden and unstoppable ground fires around the world as well.

One of the general hypothesises for the Hessdalen lights have been that the lights are ”ionized iron dust.” In a way this theory matches somewhat closely with what Lauri is telling. However I´m wondering, the Hessdalen lights has been reported since 1930´s according to Wikipedia, but the world´s first nuclear bomb test was conducted not until July 16, 1945 in New Mexico, USA. And the first nuclear power plant was activated (reportedly) on June 27, 1954 in Obninsk, Russia. However the reliability of the early reports of the Hessdalen Lights is uncertain, whereas the high activity of this phenomenon occurred between December 1981 and mid- 1984, at which point the lights were being observed 15-20 times per week, which attracted many tourists. As of 2010, the lights have been observed 10-20 times per year (Wikipedia).

Norwegian spiral anomaly

”The Norway Spiral Anomaly”.

Let´s stay in Norway still for a while. What about the famous Norwegian spiral anomaly which appeared in the night sky over northern Norway on 9. December 2009? The official explanation was that it was a failed Russian missile test. Norwegian astronomer Knut Jorgen Roed Odegaard speculated it was a rotating meteor (quite hilarious!), while others theorized it was never-before-seen northern lights, a worm hole or some weird high-energy experiment undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. After the Norway anomaly in 2009 more spiral anomaly sightings were reported elsewhere in the globe as well.

Lauri has more logical explanation. He says the problem with ionized plutonium lingering in high altitudes is a very serious problem and a genuine threat. It must be brought down to the ground one way or the other, and it won´t happen by itself. On the contrary, the plasma tends to ascend rather than descend. The problem is that by aircrafts we can reach the altitudes of no more than 12 kilometers and that´s not even remotely enough. To control the cumulative ionization you must reach the altitude of as much as 100 kilometers. Due to this fact the military started using rockets to reach these high altitudes and what we saw as a ”spiral” was in fact a ”chemtrail-rocket” spraying around and leaving the trail in the shape of a spiral. A rotating ”chem-rocket” if you will.

”Chemtrails” in the sky.

Can´t deny this makes sense. I´m being left to wonder though, how was that spiral bright enough for effortless observation up in the night sky as opposed to night-time chemtrails, which are pretty difficult to notice although they should be hanging approximately 90 kilometers lower altitude? Well, we´re moving on to the content of the sprayed material…

A soup of highly toxic junk

According to Arto Lauri the sprayed material is full of tiny particulates (or fibers) that bind with the radiation. It´s comprised of barium, aluminum oxide, nano-cellulose (much of it produced in Finland) and coal ash. The coal ash withstands extremely high temperatures (now we have a true reason to worry about having too much carbon based material in the air, right?).

The nano-cellulose fiber is coated with aluminum and dyed in colors of blue and cyan. This is done to compensate the hue of the sky in order to ”mask” all the sprayed junk and radiating plasma from the public view. As we all know the color of oxygen is blue, but when the oxygen gets ionized, it will turn the color of the sky in to pink.

Today, multiple halos are a common phenomenon.

I guess this colored (and highly ionized) junk is probably the reason why nowadays when you look at the ”cloudless” sky during the sunset to the opposite direction (away from the sun), the hue of the horizon does not get brighter anymore as it used to do (thicker the atmosphere the more the light will bounce around) but darker and kind of ”dirty”, like there would be something in the air blocking the sunlight´s reflections.

Rarely –if ever- the cloudless clear sky is as deep blue anymore, but more like light whitish, pale or grey. Also the so-called ”halo effects” that used to be unfrequent have now become a common phenomenon. It is more common than uncommon also to see the moon having a white halo or halo with prisma around it. In fact, during daytime it is quite common to see multiple and overlapping halos at the same time in rainbow colors, which are usually backwards (the purple at the outer curve and red at the inner curve) as opposed to ordinary rainbow.

Lauri agrees, but explains that this phenomenon is due to ”double reflection” and it is possible to occur naturally as well, quite rarely though. He continues.

– Due to cost reasons it has been necessary to increase the size of these particulates from nanosize to 0,1 millimeter or bigger. The various studies (and some done by himself) have found fungi spawn, bacterial strains, lead, cadmium and all sorts of hazardous waste in the chemtrail fallouts.

He says his acquaintance has measured that the fallout rains down within an hour.

– The whole point of the spraying is to force the ionization and the radiating junk down as fast as possible. Of course these ionized particles will then eventually end up into our bodies, through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. It´s everywhere.

A ”chemtrail” vs. a condensation trail.

Towards extinction?

This is the real reason for the mass deaths of the bees which begun around 2003. Arto Lauri says the bees died of ionization poisoning, not of the nicotine pesticide. Another effect was, that highly radiating ionization messed up the bees´ ability to navigate back home.

Lauri reminds us, how Albert Einstein said that when the bee population starts dying, the global ionization is so high, that the chain reaction of atmospheric nitrogen combustion is only a few years away. The chemtrail program has bought nuclear industry a temporary respite to postpone the inevitable, which is either the global ban of nuclear industry or self destruction of the biosphere.

I can´t help myself thinking how all this fits quite well also in regards to the so-called anthropogenic global warming, which is based on temperature measurements not only at the ground level, but especially up in the atmosphere. Then he reveals something that raises the hair on anybody´s neck.

– An ordinary operating 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant emits almost 3 tons of raw plutonium-ionization to the upper atmosphere, where it stays and builds up over time! When the plutonium leaves the reactor, its temperature is 2,3 million million celsius hot.

Well, …when you count in all the over 400 or so active nuclear power plants around the world, the atmospheric heat up due to total emissions may very well be enough to be registered in the temperature measurements.

But who cares about the ”man-made global warming”, true or not. We have much much more grave problem to deal with. Due to these extreme temperatures and the behavior of the radiation, Lauri says the plutonium breaks out through the walls of every nuclear reactor only in few hours, even though we are told the reactors should be safe for about 60 years. The naked eye can´t detect it, but the walls of the power plants are full of tiny holes and fractures.

Lauri tells me:

– We are talking about the destiny of the world here. This is the reason why there´s no country who dares to prohibit the chemtrail planes from flying in there airspace.

The sky did not used to look like this.

When I was younger we all knew what the condensation trails were. They were really short and they evaporated in a few seconds. And usually you would see them behind a fighter jet only. Now the trails are huge. They spread across the entire sky, they can linger up in the sky for several hours and form this really artificial looking hazy layer that blocks the sun.

Thinking back and revisiting the old photographs, I never saw these so-called ”chemtrails” when I was younger. There´s not a single chemtrail in any of the photographs taken in 1990´s and I´ve shot plenty of video too. They seem to have appeared over the Finland´s airspace sometime after entering the year 2000. When did it start here Arto?

– It started right after our former president Tarja Halonen (tenure: 2000-2012) signed the Treaty on Open Skies in 2009. The rude awakening to the growing mass deaths of the bees (2003 onwards) was the landmark when the Finnish government decided to act on it. As much as 93% of the bee population vanished due to Pu-239 ionization. I warned the ministry of employment and the economy of Finland about this.

A global black ops industry the public knows nothing about

Arto Lauri goes even further by explaining that even 95% of the world´s rain is already man-made artificial rain and how the chemtrail program is a globally open service provided by US military, which governments and non-governmental organizations buy regularly for different purposes.

Numerous sources seem to back up this argument, like Amy Worthington´s article Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War (July 29. 2015) states:

The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these bio-chem projects against humanity includes the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of national labs and universities. Private defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved. Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some United Nations agencies are complicit, since the aerosol projects are global in scope.

William Cohen. US´s secretary of defense 1997-2001.

The infrastructure and technology for atmospheric spraying (together with HAARP) is a vast and costly program, thus in order to compensate some of the expenses you need a global business in support.

For example, some governments might buy rain to their country or region. Most of the modern warfare is actually economic (and weather) warfare, and therefore instead of using bombs, tanks and armies some governments might want to target selected regions to cause a long lasting drought. ”The North-Korea and Cuba have been targeted with ongoing drought for years now,” Lauri says.

Similarly it is also possible to cause, say, targeted sterilization or epidemic. In a nutshell, all this new technology can be seen as kind of comparable with subscribing a hit man or a proxy army of mercenaries if ”needed.” It´s all in-your-face global fascism. Or up-in-the-skies rather.

Many independent reports and researches have pointed out that there are many ongoing so-called geoengineering programs and other scientific experiments done to global biosphere as well. The respiratory and neurological problems have increased and some may have also heard about so-called Morgellon´s disease, which has been labeled as a mental issue by the big pharma and mainstream media.

No wonder there are so many theories about the true purpose of the chemtrail program, because it really seems to be a multipurpose program. But as Lauri explains it, the original purpose was to control the nuclear detonation caused ionized plutonium plasma from falling down to populated areas, and later on to ”clean up” the atmosphere from over-ionization to minimize the risk of atmospheric nitrogen combustion, caused by the hundreds of leaking nuclear power plants. And still is.

Check out some of the satellite images of the HAARP/aerosol -technology in action (presumably): NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof of Climate Engineering. (Although I personally don´t give much of a credit to the author of this article, the images are still pretty compelling.)

Special forces of atmospheric spraying

Nuclear tests by country.

The atmospheric spraying was invented during the hydrogen bomb tests (1946-1958) at the Bikini Atoll, when the Pu-239 fallouts drifted over the City of Honolulu, Hawaii. The ionized and highly conductive air short-circuited the above-ground power lines causing a total blackout for several hours.

Therefore a designated special forces unit was established under US Air Force. Its function was to control the channel radiating ionized plutonium cloud by using sprayed heavy chemical aerosols so that fallout could be forced to fall down in to targeted area at ocean. The same method was used later on during the nuclear detonation tests in 50´s and 60´s.

However, as Lauri explaines, between 1962-1986 the need for these special forces was absent. But this situation changed when Chernobyl (USSR) disaster happened on 26. April 1986. The airspace of the power plant region was sprayed for several weeks by ”hundreds of airplanes” (I guess he means more like ”hundreds of overflights). In this way the fallout was prevented not to spread to Moscow and elsewhere. Then by means of artificial rain the radiating fallout was dropped down to the region of Republic of Belarus (nowadays) and Ukraine, which was devastating for the local population.

As many of us might remember, there were a news blackout for several days before the information of the disaster was released. Probably during those days the Soviet government secretly negotiated with US military, how to deal with the situation.

The fukushima explosions from air, taken by global Hawk drone 2011.

The meltdown of a nuclear reactor is a legislated standard procedure?

Arto Lauri tells me that before the Fukushima (Japan) disaster there were around 550 active nuclear power plants in the world. According to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) report (Wikipedia), as of 23. April 2014 there had been 435 nuclear power reactors in operation altogether. So, that leaves us with 115 power plants which have been ceased between 2011 and 2014. That´s quite a lot in such a short period. What happened to them? Lauri has a chilling answer.

– Due to international liability insurance law the nuclear reactor meltdown is more inexpensive than secured disassembly. The German study found that due to Nuclear Safety Act a secured dismantling of just one nuclear power plant costs as much as building five new ones. But here comes the crucial point: if a nuclear power plant is to be dismantled, the proprietor pays the costs. But if the reactor melts down and/or explodes, the state pays everything.

That´s us, the taxpayers. He continues:

– The dismantling of 4 reactors of Fukushima would have cost 2000 billion dollars. So you see, because of all this, every nuclear power plant in the world will be used up until they explode.

Man! It´s always all about the love of money, isn´t it? Nothing else seems to matter. They must have seen all this coming, but they went forward anyway. But back to those 115 power plants which have somehow ceased between 2011-2014. What happened to them?

– After the Fukushima disaster well over 100 nuclear power plants have either been exploded or detonated around the world.

Lauri explains to me that right after the Fukushima meltdown a new international legislation was imposed, which dictates that informing the public about the nuclear reactor meltdown/explosion is forbidden. Did you get that? Forbidden, by law! Then he starts counting a long list of disasters (in US and Europe) which have taken place within just past few years. Disasters that we –the people- have never heard about.

– Nuclear power plants get destroyed due to war also. Like in Libya, where they (NATO forces) bombed 5 power plants. In Syria 3-4 power plants were bombed. Nuclear power plant bombings have also been executed in North Korea. To my estimation by 2008 up to 20% of all the world´s nuclear power plants had been destroyed.

The Chernobyl (USSR) nuclear disaster in 1986.

Chernobyl disaster – a drop in a water bucket?

I´m having a meltdown between my ears at this point. According to many news sources the Fukushima disaster is supposed to be almost an extinction level event and this nuclear expert is telling me, that there are actually hundreds of ”Fukushimas” that we know nothing about? Something is wrong with this picture.

I´m getting a friendly smile, kind of similar when a kid asks a parent something funny. He says the people do not understand the nuclear power business, the nature of radiation and the biosphere´s capacity to absorb it. He gives me an example.

– In the Chernobyl disaster there was 800 kilos of condensed fuel released up in the atmosphere. In their social responsibility report, TVO – Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (Finnish nuclear power supplier) announced up until 2008, that their two operating (Olkiluoto 1 & 2) power plants alone leak raw plutonium almost 3 tons a year. This means that solely these few Olkiluoto´s operating power plants spew (plutonium) up approximately four times the amount of Chernobyl in a year.

A nuclear war is a no go!

The ”Tsar Bomba” seen from a distance of 161 km.

Remember the ”Tsar Bomba in 1961?” It was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Lauri says that mostly due to nuclear industry´s leaking power plants the global background radiation has increased tenfold since the 1940´s. He says that before the detonation of Tsar Bomba, it was calculated that the probability of nitrogen sphere combustion was 22%. Right after the detonation of Tsar Bomba, in 1962, all the atmospheric nuclear detonation tests were banned by international treaty.

– Back then the global background radiation was five times less than now. So, if Tsar Bomba would be detonated again today, the atmospheric nitrogen sphere would absolutely ignite.

This is also why a full scale nuclear war will probably never come true. Granted, the leaders of the world are psychopathic and greedy idiots, so anything is possible. But this might be the ultimate reason why the cold war has never become a hot one, and it also may be the main reason for the phenomenon called as chemtrails. As long as there is nuclear power industry, we must keep the toxic plutonium junk raining on us.

– The fear of total annihilation is more effective than actualization. The nuclear power in every way is an illusion.

There is nothing ”green” in the green movement

Arto Lauri at his home, ready to make a new vlog.

You think the organizations like Greenpeace will do something about it? Think again.

For many years Arto Lauri has done his best to inform and to educate the top members of the organization. The result was, the organization turned against him. The general director of Greenpeace Finland told him, that if Greenpeace would publish the Lauri´s documents, all nuclear power plants would cease within three months and the organization would lose its funding. Their primary mission is to oppose the oil industry (and to fight the carbon dioxide caused ”global warming”, which is a big sham also) and they do not want any permanent solutions to put them out of business, any more than Big Pharma wants healthy people. Bigger the problems, better the revenue. As Lauri puts it:

– They are not against the nuclear industry per se. It´s only about opposing the nuclear power plants or nuclear waste to be brought at their neighborhoods. That´s all they care.

As has been pointing out, we don´t have any real opposition representing the well-being of the people anymore. What we have is a controlled oppositions, bought and paid for politics and pseudoscience. That is because there are no mounting profits to be made in real permanent solutions (or in truth), but there is always plenty of demand and niche markets for ostensible solutions to control and manage the problems. It´s we the people who want this, we have approved it.

Lauri is worried, that even if the nuclear power would be banned immediately, the remaining problem is that existing radioactive waste still keeps on boiling and the ionization continues to increase in our environment and up in the atmosphere. This harmful energy does not vanish all by itself. The only ultimate solution would be to collect all the waste and ”shoot” them into the sun. Wow, talking about the mission impossible!

One last question. If all what you say is true and you really are as big of a threat… how come your life has not been in jeopardy? We know how easily the whistleblowers end up in fatal ”accidents” or committing ”suicides.” Arto Lauri answers with caution in his voice.

– A good question. I think there are those who want me to continue what I´m doing after all. I´m being fed classified information for a reason. And it seems like I´m being protected.

What he implies of course, is that he has caused a security problem, which in turn must be controlled and it means the money keeps pouring in to somebody´s pocket.

Lately he has been predicting the infamous and badly overdue Finnish nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3 (which has been a total fiasco and still under construction) is being given to the hands of Russians and therefore the plant might be under a major threat of false flag accident. Let´s hope he is in error in this case.


Arto Lauri images by M. Kallio

Sources and additional information:

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