5G, Asioiden Internet, Älykäs Pöly ja Sosiaalinen Luottoluokitus: Keinoälyinen hirmuhallintojärjestelmä käynnistyy 2018

Mikä on totuus 5G -teknologiasta ja Asioiden Internetistä? Päähuomio on kohdistettu lähinnä palveluiden helppouteen ja tiedonsiirron nopeuteen. Tosi asiassa kaikki tulee tapahtumaan ihmisten yksityisyyden, yksilöllisyyden, turvallisuuden, vapauksien, oikeuksien ja terveyden kustannuksella. Vaiettuna agendana on globaali ja totalitaarinen ihmisten hallintaverkko, teknokraattinen maailma jonka absoluuttinen valta on keinoälyllä. 5G, Asioiden Internet, Älykäs pöly ja sosiaalinen luottoluokitus ovat viimeinen naula ihmisyyden ja ihmisoikeuksien arkkuun.

LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of Germany

I’m translating this text because I think the world should know about the content. I’m personally of the opinion that this whistleblower report is absolutely true and authentic, as everything fits perfectly to what we are aware about. I do not care about how many institutions will claim it was a fake, because most institutions follow their own hidden agenda, while we are independent and working without payment just for the spreading of what we consider as truth. The world must know what is going on in Europe and especially in Germany, the evening news on TV will not report about.

Chemtrails Exposed: Truly A New Manhattan Project

There is overwhelming evidence indicating the existence of a global weather modification project currently resulting in the chemtrails so often seen in today’s skies. This evidence may be reviewed in the author’s comprehensive exposé Chemtrails Exposed: A new Manhattan Project. Evidence presented in Chemtrails Exposed the book suggests that this global weather modification project came out of the World War 2-era Manhattan Project. Both are and were enormous, top-secret military science projects. Both are problems for the physical sciences.