LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of Germany

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the bolshevik revolution in Russia (1917). Will Germany (and Europe) face the similar fate soon? If this data seepage is true, the ”red revolution” could probably begin before the federal elections, which will be held in Germany on 24 September 2017, because everyone knows the marxist Merkel´s time is up. But who knows. We´ll see. -Editor´s note


Comment of the translater:

I’m translating this text because I think the world should know about the content. I’m personally of the opinion that this whistleblower report is absolutely true and authentic, as everything fits perfectly to what we are aware about. I do not care about how many institutions will claim it was a fake, because most institutions follow their own hidden agenda, while we are independent and working without payment just for the spreading of what we consider as truth. The world must know what is going on in Europe and especially in Germany, the evening news on TV will not report about.

Even reading this content the first time was horrible, this is the reason why we call it ”the face of the anti-Christ”.

For those of you who cannot imagine that evil of that sort would really exist: Pls. educate yourselves about:

The Morgenthau-Plan
The Hotoon-Plan
The Kalergi-Plan

Must read: Gerard Menuhin: Tell the truth and shame the devil

Phoenix-Journals #39, 40 and 41

I have personally looked over the email very critically, checking out style, grammar, possible contradictions and personal imprint of the author, who is – besides – in no way anonymous. She signs by her full name, Dipl.-Ing (adequate German expression for Msc or Meng., for Master of engineering) Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas, suffering from Leukemia since 2014, having nothing to loose and believing she will pass before end of the year.

The text is the content of a German Youtube-Video by a producer calling himself ”ZERBERSTER”. He is publishing the email he receives and this whistleblower email is #10. If you search for ”ZERBERSTER” and ”Zuschauerpost #10” you will be able to find the video. We have learned meanwhile that the producer had a wellknown youtube channel before, with a great number of followers, which youtube deleted (guess why). The name of the person ZERBERSTER is stated to be BRANDON LAKEFIELD on the video. His email is wichtig@zerberster.org


We consider it vital to save this material, so that it can be put on again in case censorship will hit again.

If you for yourselves come to the conclusion that this report was true, then please help spreading this, put it into discussion platforms and websites, send it on to your friends. We – as humanity – are at the crossroads point and must make sure to take the direction which will not trap us but lead us upon the path of divine evolution. Humanitys destination is to be a blessing for the planet, nothing else. And this is the path we must take.

Bolded words in the text marked by the translater.


Whistleblower report by Dipl-Ing. Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas

Translated into English from the German original by
September 2016

EMAIL titled: A life story of horror
sent to Brandon Lakefield – Wichtig@Zerberster.org

on 19th September 2016
on 5.53 h (supposed a.m.) , data content 36 kb.
by Austeja

You can watch the header on the youtube.

Dear Brandon Lakefield (nice pseudonym),

at first, thank you very much for the many couraged videos you published, for adding sound to words of the people and for having the heart to publicly spread. And even without any balance, and on taking the full risk in our fascist German dictatorship, where anything becomes censored and distorted – this is a remarkable performance. Unfortunate that people like you have become so rare – most people duck down, in an illusive hope that it would get better someday.

In advance I would like to ask you to regard me as a nutcase, conspiracy theorist, or what expression ever you best go along with, this way it is likely to become easier for you to buy into what I have to tell. Please excuse my missing paragraphs or one or the other typo, the remnants of my ability to concentrate have been taken by my latest chemo and I’m trying hard to keep myself together.

My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armor/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.

My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt für Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations destinated for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six further experts on that specific field were collecting at the planning office at Kassel, on 23rd March 2001.

At first we had to sign ten different declarations of secrecy of ten different government departments, among them two which were classified as top secret documents, for the Ministry of Defence. (Bundesverteidigungsministerium)

I was wondering why, as evacuation sites for the population are in no way classified top secret, generally they are public and you can even visit them after inquiring at the BBR.

In the afternoon we were taken to Ramstein Airbase by helicopters of the federal armed forces where our complete planning staff collected. I was advised to take leadership of PG4 (planning group).

At the dinner buffet taking place at the wardroom of the airbase we then were approaching each other, leading conversations on the goals. The next morning they presented to us the locations/areas as well as the master plan.

We had to build seven deep bunker complexes, at seven different locations in Germany, with underground train connections, coves for stocking material, independant geothermic energy supply and water supply from deep wells. Every single complex was destinated to shelter 300.000 people.

The locations are as follows

  • SUHL

(comment of the translater:  strange that there is  obviously no single site in the very southern part of Germany, Fürth is the most southern location, so the “most wealthy regions of Germany – BAVARIA and BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG would have abslutely “no base” of that sort.)

The first drillings were  “covered”  as “road building activities” and remained completely “in the dark” –  because of the secondariness of cities and rural districts. We were astonished that in my own project absolutely nobody in SIMMERN  seemed to raise even the slightest form of suspicion, the population remained absolutely clueless and still is…

Please continue to read the whole article here.

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