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Say, have you been fed up with biased, corporate, arrogant, materialistic and manipulative information and the monopoly for the truth coming from the so-called mainstream media? Perhaps you have found the mainstream media being caught from downright deception and lie? At least you might have noticed how the news, reportage and all public debate on all the media are exactly identical by their content and standpoint? If you have made some of these observations, or perhaps you´re just looking for a fresh alternative, you have begun a fascinating, liberating and integrative journey towards awakening out of the intensely conditioning propaganda matrix.

As being a fully independent and bilingual community media, of which substance is mainly comprised of podcasts, news articles and blogs, Maaradio.fi is administrated by a few ordinary, enlightened and independently thoughtful Finnish natives. The purpose of Maaradio.fi is to inform you about phenomenons, perceptions, news and other matters of which the so-called mainstream media is falling silent. Maaradio.fi pursues to question and critically examine the official version of the reality. Maaradio.fi endeavors to adduce and evaluate the reasons for the obmutescence, omission, disinformation and misrepresentation of information as well as the facets and the mechanisms that are upholding false propaganda. Maaradio.fi is media critical and thoughtful advocate for the rights of individual and freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, for the time being, Maaradio´s small but highly motivated editorial and technical staff wishes to remain as anonymous because this is entirely recreational, voluntary and nonprofit civil activism. Along with treasuring of moribund privacy, the staff does not wish to become marked or labeled in the labor market, where unpredictable bigoted attitudes usually dominate. This is a sad state of affairs in Finland today, and arguably around the globe as well. Most of the people today uphold the freedom of speech as long as they can share the same opinion.

Since absolute objectivity is an illusion, Maaradio.fi won´t make such a claim of possessing one, but emphasizes to aspire towards objectivity as best as one can. Unlike the mainstream media, Maaradio.fi won´t obtrude absolute or definitive answers (well, although occasionally we might try it!), but rather strives to bring the inconvenient and untold questions to light and to activate everyone to essentially think for themselves. This may sound pretty simple and obvious, but in all honesty; have you stopped to ponder, how many of your thoughts, conceptions, perceptions, attitudes and prejudices are really your own?

The creators of this portal were initially inspired by so many courageous and determined individuals here and abroad. We hope Maaradio.fi could inspire you to pick up the torch and to carry it on and to pass it on in your own way. Right now, the freedom of speech and free internet are under a grave threat. Finland and the whole world need urgently brave, active, responsible people who want to use their own heart and head. The people like you! We thank you for having you here with us.


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Contact us via email and let´s talk! You will find the contact page here: MEISTÄ / Yhteydenottolomake

– The staff of Maaradio

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