Nuclear Industry Insider: Destruction of the Biosphere Postponed by ”Chemtrailing”

Arto Lauri, a former nuclear power plant engineer from Olkiluoto (Finland), tells me how all nuclear reactors around the world leak radioactive plutonium, all the time. This radiation ascends to the atmosphere, creating highly ionized plasma concentrations. The military satellites detect them instantly and before the plasma scatters widespread along with the winds you will have the so-called chemtrail -planes crisscrossing over the ionized area. You´re witnessing a global black ops co-operation between nuclear power industry and military, who both gamble with the fate of the world.

Overpopulation Lie Debunked: US Farmland Alone Can Feed the Whole World

It takes about 300 sq. meters to feed one person for a year. So, we could feed 3,333 people per sq. kilometer, but let’s use 3,000 people per sq. km to make math easy. Meaning it would take 2,333,333 sq. kilometers (or 3000 ÷ 7,000,000,000) to feed the entire population for a year. The total farmland in the US is about 922,000,000 acres of land. There are 247.1 acres per sq. kilometer, meaning there is a total of 3,731,282 sq. kilometers (or 922,000,000 ÷ 247.1) of farm land. That’s more than the 2,333,333 sq. kilometers needed to feed the entire population. In other words, the farmland in the US can feed us all!